The dead of winter is upon us, and as the mercury drops so does our will to go outside.

That got us thinking: perhaps the greatest customer experience of all is the one you have in the comfort of your own home.

Eliminated wait times coupled with the rush of instant gratification gives customers the warm and fuzzies they need this winter. Whether you require a blowout, a dog walker for the sub-zero temperatures or a full-body massage in the comfort of your own home, these lesser known on-demand services will come to the rescue—and with a quickness, to boot.


When you need a massage: Zeel

Winter hurts. Whether you’re sore from shoveling snow or feeling tense from that frigid walk home, nothing cures the pain quite like a massage—especially if you don’t have to leave the house again. Zeel provides same-day in-home massages by the best hands in your area. Simply choose your preferences online and a massage therapist will be at your door in no time. Customers also benefit from text customer service as well as included gratuity (read: no cash necessary).



When you need a new device: Enjoy

Cure your cabin fever and Enjoy it, too. The website lets you shop for devices like iPads, drones, cameras and laptops, and the service sends an expert to hand-deliver them that same day. You can ditch the manual; the Enjoy experts are at the top of the customer experience game and will hang around to set up and teach you how to use your new gadget.


When you have a party to attend: GlamSquad

No amount of heat tools or hair spray can save your ‘do from the winter wind, and even the best cosmetics are no match for rain and snow. Eliminate the elements by primping with GlamSquad, the on-demand beauty service. Get your hair, nails, and makeup done from the comfort (and dryness) of your home. Now all you have to do is get from the front door to your Uber as quickly as possible.


When you’re down to the last roll: Toilet Paper Society

This subscription service makes sure you “don’t get caught with your pants down” in the middle of a blizzard. More than just an amazing tagline, Toilet Paper Society delivers TP to your door every month. Members choose their plan based on brand preference and number of rolls and receive their delivery at the beginning of every month. Because you can have anything delivered to your door.


When your dog is home alone: Wag!

On that note, your pet has to go, too. Ever wish you could just call your neighbor to take your pup out while you’re stuck at work? Well, 9D might not be into it, but someone on Wag! will be. The on-demand service connects you to dog walkers and sitters in your area, including individuals that are available immediately. This smart app is a dog owner’s best friend.