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How It Works

Step 1

One of your followers sees the “Text” button on your Instagram, or a post tells the customer to purchase by text.

Step 2

A new text message from your follower’s phone is created so your follower can text with your team.

Step 3

The text is delivered to Teckst and your team can begin having a conversation with the follower.

To get started with Teckst, fill out the form above, or text/call us at 855-980-6848.

Benefits of Teckst

Quick Setup

Teckst takes just seconds to set up and can be fully launched in a matter of minutes.

Helpful Bots

Use our helpful bots to help customers with easy questions like size, shipping info, and more.

Images & Videos

Easily receive and send images and videos to customers for a fully immersive shopping experience.

Increased Acquisition

By lowering the barrier to entry for customers, you can increase acquisition without spending more money.

Better Experience

The experience of asking customers to DM or email for more info is clunky. Texting is natural and millennial-forward.

More Love

Go from “liked” to “loved” with a unique, easy-to-manage conversation for helping customers buy your products.