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Texting for Freshdesk

PDF Library

What to Expect when You’re Texting

In this guide, you’ll learn about staffing, deflections, and overall customer expectations based on real data from current clients.

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Texting Instructions

This PDF is perfect for training agents on how to send and reply to texts from within Freshdesk.

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Visual Guide

This PDF uses on-screen prompts to teach you and your agents how to send and reply to texts in Freshdesk.

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Texting for Freshdesk

Video Library

Replying to a Text Message from FreshDesk

The most common way to use Teckst for Freshdesk is to reply to text messages. Watch this video to learn the basics.

Initiating a Text Message from FreshDesk

Watch our video to learn about how to initiate a new text message to a customer. Don’t forget to add the Teckst tag!

Texting for Freshdesk

Frequently Asked Questions

My texts are going to customers as emails.

Double check that the “teckst” tag is on the ticket. If the teckst tag isn’t there, the default will be to send to a customer’s email address.

Is there a character limit for each text?

Yes.  If the text exceeds 160 characters, it will be broken up into multiple messages. We paginate each text message over 160 characters to denote order (ie; (1/2), (2,2), etc).

Anything over 1600 characters will NOT go through (and we do not recommend sending your customers a novel via text!).

Can we use our existing company phone number for texting?

That depends on a number of factors. If you have a toll-free phone number, you can keep it for calls and we can text-enable it free of charge. Texts will come to and from that number and there will be no interruption in service.

If you have a long-code number (like 917-444-3333) then we cannot add texting to it unless you purchased it through Twilio. All numbers bought through Twilio have a texting ability that we can work with.

How many agents can use this at once?

Our system has been tested with hundreds of thousands of agents. We can work with teams as small as 1 and as large as 10,000.

Does this work internationally?

Yes, Teckst works with international numbers. Every country has unique laws, so before we guarantee we can operate in a particular country, we need to discuss your use cases. However, at this time, we operate in more than 50 countries.

How many text tickets can an agent handle at once?

For agents already comfortable handling chat tickets, we typically see concurrency of 8-12 text tickets per agent. For agents not experienced working with chat, we recommend starting with 4-6 at once (that means one single agent can handle up to 180 texts cases per hour!) and ramping up.

Will our customers flood us with text tickets as soon as we start advertising texting? How will we be able to handle the influx?

In our experience, we’ve never seen this type of ‘flood gates’ scenario occur!

Even when aggressively advertising to deflect calls, emails, and chats, adding Teckst will result in no net-new inbound messages. In fact, you can staff your team less “accordion style” and more traditionally because your customers can text in during work hours, unlike phone calls that require taking a break.


Why isn't the customer's name showing up on the ticket?

This can occur for two reasons:

  1. It is a new customer who is not already saved in your CRM.
  2. You do not save customer information (including phone number) in your CRM, so our system is unable to match the customer’s phone number to their customer profile.



My email signature is showing up in text messages to the customer. How do I remove this?

To prevent an email signature from appearing in text tickets, simply add — above the template where your email signature is saved in your CRM. We have setup our backend to recognize the two dashes and parse out the signature for text message tickets, but it will continue to appear in email.



Someone is spamming us. Can we block them?

Yes! Simply respond to the ticket with ^spam and the customer will be added to a blacklist. The customer will not see this response.



A customer has requested that we do not contact them via text. Do you have a DNC list?

Yes! Simply respond to the ticket with ^spam and the customer will be added to a blacklist. The customer will not see this response.



Can we send images, or PDFs?

Yes! You can send images and files of up to 5MB.



Can we use emojis?

Yes (just avoid the “bad” ones!).

Zendesk, Freshdesk, HelpScout, Salesforce, and Oracle ServiceCloud support the use of your normal emoji keyboard. Desk.com does not natively support emojis, but we have created a workaround. If you would like to use emojis with Teckst for Desk.com, please contact support@teckst.com



Texting for Freshdesk

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