Today 2 out of 3 US travelers have shopped or booked a flight or hotel room on a mobile device

Communicate with travelers before, during, and after trips on the channels they’re already using

How Does Teckst Work?

Teckst is a platform that enables real time, human-to-human communication between brands and their customers. The application integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing agents to respond directly to SMS and chat messages within your current workflow.

Customer Service Applications: Booking status, confirmations, support, surveys.

Marketing Applications: Acquisition, retention and upsell, loyalty.

Why Use Teckst for Travel and Hospitality?

Integrate Seamlessly:

Our pre-built CRM and analytics platform integrations allow agents to respond to messages with no workflow interruption and give managers visibility into all customer interactions.

Generate Revenue:

Keep in touch with travelers on their most used messaging apps to notify them of available inventory and promotions.

Delight Customers:

Use messaging as a concierge service to connect people to the experiences they want.

Gather Data:

Record important data about your customers’ travel preferences and use it to build stronger relationships.

Deflect Calls:

Provide travelers with helpful updates such as weather, flight delays, or available upgrades.

Send Surveys:

Get guest feedback without sending customers to a URL.

Teckst in other Industries

Teckst for

Use messaging channels to drive store and website traffic, improve the in-store experience, and deflect calls by providing quick answers to frequently asked questions like “Where is my order?”

Teckst for
Sports and Events

Increase ticket sales by adding a new acquisition channel. Strengthen fan loyalty with notifications about available tickets and promotions and  helpful updates on everything from weather delays to special events.

Teckst for
Subscription Services

Create “forever conversations” with your customers that blur the line between customer support and marketing and keep your service top of mind. Use messaging to help with acquisition, retention, loyalty, and referrals.