Build a direct relationship with your fans by reaching out to them on the messaging channels they use most

Get fans from the couch to the stadium by text-enabling your ticket line and messaging about renewals, events, and promotions

How Does Teckst Work?

Teckst is a platform that enables real time, human-to-human communication between teams and their fans. The application integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing representatives to respond directly to SMS and text messages within your current workflow.

Why Use Teckst for Sports and Events?

Integrate Seamlessly:

With our pre-built integrations, allow reps to send and respond to fan messages within their existing touchpoint process.

Generate Revenue:

Use messaging in your sales process to recap conversations, confirm appointments, and facilitate renewals. Provide fans a quick and easy way to buy.

Delight Customers:

Send fans helpful updates on everything from weather delays to special events without inconveniencing them with unwanted phone calls.

Gather Data:

Record important data about your customers and use it to build stronger relationships.

Teckst in Other Industries

Teckst for

Use messaging channels to drive store and website traffic, improve the in-store experience, and deflect calls by providing quick answers to frequently asked questions like “Where is my order?”

Teckst for

Keep in touch with travelers before, during, and after a trip with notifications about available inventory and promotions, updates about weather conditions or area attractions, and satisfaction surveys.

Teckst for
Subscription Services

Create “forever conversations” with your customers that blur the line between customer support and marketing and keep your service top of mind. Use messaging to help with acquisition, retention, loyalty, and referrals.