More than 40% of shoppers age 18-36 use messaging apps to research products prior to purchasing online

Meet your future customers and talk to your current customers on the channels they use most

How Does Teckst Work?

Teckst is a platform that enables real time, human-to-human communication between brands and their customers. The application integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing agents to respond directly to SMS and chat messages within your current workflow.

Customer Service Applications: Order status, confirmations, support, surveys.

Marketing Applications: Acquisition, retention and upsell, loyalty.

Why Should Retailers Use Teckst?

Improve Shopping experience:

Provide customers with answers quickly while they’re browsing on-site or in-store, including product specs or in-stock information.

Drive Store Traffic:

Keep in touch with customers on their most used messaging apps to notify them of promotions, new product offerings, store openings, etc.

Integrate Seamlessly:

Our pre-built CRM integrations allow agents to respond to messages with no workflow interruption.

Gather Data:

Record important data about customer behavior and use it to build stronger relationships.

Deflect Calls:

Send notifications for issues like shipping delays and provide quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Send Surveys

Get customer satisfaction feedback without sending customers to a URL.

A Retail Success Story

Shinola is an up-and-coming lifestyle product brand based in Detroit that is reinventing the “Made in America” movement with the finest craftsmanship of watches, bicycles, notebooks, and more. The brand is focused on providing an exemplary customer experience before, during, and after purchase. They approached Teckst to integrate messaging directly into their Zendesk platform, train their agents, and help their NPS on mobile customer service channels.

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