What you need to know about adding SMS

No Teckst clients have needed to add staff to handle texting for customer service. Our expert account managers help build out a comprehensive launch plan that includes staffing schedules and recommendations. We can guide you along the way as staff typically dedicated to phone calls is freed up to handle texts.

Staffing for Teckst:

  • Once ramped up, add fewer staff to busy times
  • Keep staff more evenly spread out throughout the day (bursts are less common because customers can tackle issues while at work)
  • For specialized teams, about 40% of the staff from calls, and 20% from email/chat can be reassigned to texts
  • Texts cases are faster than all other channels, so diverting slower channels to texts will help cover more cases with fewer agents

Training for Teckst:

  • Every agent on the team gets trained
  • A full tutorial program including guided walkthroughs and videos is available
  • Account managers are available to train teams as needed
  • Many Teckst clients add texting protocol to their own internal process documents

Best Practices for Staffing for Teckst:

  • Launch during the slowest time of the day/week
  • Leave staffing levels where they’re at for the first test
  • Slowly move agents from phone calls to texts
  • No Teckst clients have needed to add staff to handle texts

Case Studies

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