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Learn best practices for creating a great customer experience using two-way messaging

White Paper: The Effects of Two-Way Texting on the Customer Journey

The next few years will see a major shift in demand for the tool sets needed for conversational commerce.  Learn how implementing messaging as a channel affects each point of the customer journey.

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Baby Boomers Texting
White Paper: Yes, Boomers Do Want to Text Your Company For Customer Service

While texting behaviors do differ a little by generation, customers of all ages will text for customer service if you make the channel easy to use. Learn more about how you can get all your customers texting.

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Call Deflection Guide
How To: The Teckst Guide to Deflecting Phone Calls, with Real World Examples

See how brands implement texting as a channel using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, printed materials, emails, HTML code on their websites, and in-app.


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Customer Service Starter Guide Texting
How To for Customer Service Teams: What to Expect When You're Texting

This starter kit is filled with information about beginning the journey to add messaging to your customer service stack, including use cases for texting, picking a platform, integrating with CRM, and metrics to track.

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