Big Facelift

Prepare your smartphones, we’ve got a new look. Teckst integrations will see the biggest change, with a shiny new design that utilizes the leading usability and experience standards developed by UX leaders. You’ll notice new sliders, an upgraded color palette, and better mobile-responsive options.

The Next Generation

Our newest generation platform has been entirely built for massive enterprise operation. Capable of processing billions of texts per day, the new system is infinitely scalable and includes an entire suite of new features including the Teckst Dashboard for state-of-the-art conversational analytics.

Analytics For The Win

For our beta testers, you’ll notice a big upgrade in the usability of our dashboard. Your feedback helped create this update and we thank you for all your help. New clients will immediately have access to this proprietary dashboard that can give you insights into spikes of issues, messaging patterns, agent efficiency and more. Plus, account admins can add macros, upload images, mess around with our AI system, and more.

Meet Messenger

We worked with Facebook to bring Messenger directly to the Teckst platform. Customer service teams can now use all the features of Teckst with SMS and Messenger simultaneously.

AI, AI, Captain

Well, we tried Alexa and we tried IBM’s Watson, but they didn’t cut it, so we developed our own proprietary AI built specifically for customer service. Our AI can help customers track their order, find the model number of their dishwasher, or even make suggestions to agents on how to reply to a message to improve the customer’s sentiment.