Transfer Calls to Texts

Our API has been extended to work with voice providers to offer call-in customers an option to continue by text message. This feature helps reduce phone calls by up to 15% and is a must-have for the upcoming holiday rush.

New Workflows

Workflows can now be scheduled. That means different workflows can be turned on at different times of day. For example, if a customer texts in after hours, a workflow can gather their information and add it to a queue for the AM, whereas during the day, the customer is directly added to the queue for an agent to gather information.

Conversation Auto-Close

Our clients requested this feature, and we delivered. Auto-close helps automatically close tickets without responses after a set amount of time. This helps reduce the time to resolution and clears the agent queue to only contain active conversations.

Credit Card Redaction

For organizations that prefer not to process personally identifiable information like credit card numbers by SMS, our system can intelligently remove credit card information from conversations before it ever gets to your agents.

Additional Internal Notifications

In addition to desktop notifications, audible alerts, and Slack alerts, Teckst clients can now be notified by SMS if they received a new message. This feature was requested by a client with a night shift that may not be in front of their desks, so the alerts will notify them of a new text and they can log into Teckst from their mobile device to help the customer.

Breakout Windows

A feature popular in our Zendesk and Salesforce integrations, the breakout capabilities have been extended to Core/tCRM. Break out multiple conversations for rapid-fire customer assistance.

Change Theme Colors

Admins can now add their company’s logo and brand the Teckst interface to match their brand.

Certified Partners

Our integrations with SugarCRM, Freshdesk and Oracle are now available in the app/integration hubs for these CRMs. The approvals from the CRM teams means that Teckst is certified to integrate with teams using the software–highlighting the enterprise-level quality of our integrations and partnerships.