Native CRM Integration

Our key invention is receiving and sending texts natively into CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Desk, and more. Features include:

  • Receive and send texts, emojis, images, videos, and more
  • Use your current toll-free number for texting
  • Continue using your current macros for speeds replies
  • Send up to 1600 characters per message
  • Live, real-time updating of tickets/cases/incidents with supervisor oversight
  • Seamless integration with CSAT surveys
  • No extra windows–everything takes place in your current software
  • White glove installation to follow your agent workflow


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That toll-free number your customers have been calling for years can be text-enabled so that customers can call it or text it. When they call, the call continues through your current system. When they text it, we scoop up that text and magically deliver it natively into your current CRM. All US and Canadian toll-free numbers can be text-enabled including:

  • Landline Toll-Free Numbers
  • VoIP Toll-Free Numbers
  • 800, 888, 844, 855, and 866 numbers
  • Many long code numbers (like 917, 415) can also be text-enabled
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TeckstBots were invented for agents to do more faster. They can automatically notify a customer of the wait time, give a customer an answer to a frequently asked question, or gather customer information that an agent would normally have to ask. Our TeckstBots are helpful by automating:

  • Office Hours
  • Wait Times
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • CSAT Surveys
  • General information gathering like name, email, order number, etc.
  • Updates to order status-related inquiries
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Text notifications have been around for quite some time. Ours, however, are a new generation. Notifications sent using our powerful, easy-to-setup API are reply-enabled, so brands like Dollar Shave Club can send shipping notifications that customers can easily reply. Customers are using Notiply to:

  • Alert customers their packages are on their way
  • Alert customers of an update to an application
  • Send updates to customers based on the proximity of an installation
  • Send account balances and fraud alerts
  • Send receipts at checkout
  • And many more
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Teckst Field Agent™

Not all members of your customer service team work in the office. Our Teckst Field Agent app for iOS and Android makes texting from outside the office incredibly easy. Features include:

  • Receive and send texts directly from the iOS and Android App
  • Filter cases by assigned, unassigned, new, pending, and closed
  • All inbound and outbound texts update CRM tickets/cases/incidents in real time
  • Push notifications to alert agents of new messages and replies
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Benefits of Teckst

Lightning Fast

Time to resolution for texting tickets is less than two minutes. That’s four minutes faster than the average phone call, and nine minutes faster than web chat.

Incredible Satisfaction

Teckst supports emojis, GIFs, JPGs and video and provides white glove set up by our New York-based software engineers. We provide carrier-grade uptime to ensure your SMS/MMS, Messenger, WeChat, or Line customer service experience is amazing.

Highly Customizable

Teckst is a highly customizable two-way texting software that provides native integration with your existing CRM. Our software enables customer service teams to engage with customers on any mobile messaging platform.

Very Affordable

For brands with 100,000 calls per month, the average annual savings of adding text and deflecting 40% of calls would be $2.7 million.