Meet Teckst

The two-way texting platform built for conversational customer engagement. With more than 20 features, Teckst is the leader in text messaging technology.
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Incredible Features


Log in from anywhere to read and reply to texts, plus conversations from your agents update in real-time.

Single Sign On (SSO)

IT teams love Teckst because customer service teams can use their current company credentials to log in.


Audio and desktop notifications help keep your team on top of every message. Plus, get notifications by SMS or Slack.

Facebook, WhatsApp, & More

Receive and send messages on a variety of other messaging platforms natively within Teckst.

Assign Conversations

Easily assign conversations to agents, queues, or groups that are best-suited to reply to the topic.


Tags help keep conversations in order and feed the metrics dashboard so spikes in issues can be resolved quickly.

Deeper Dive

SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and more

More than 6 billion smartphones on Earth use text messaging, and more than 2 billion use mobile messaging platforms like Messenger and WeChat. Teckst brings these conversational channels directly to your brand or customer service team.

Macros & Snippets

Easily select and send pre-written messages to customers for incredibly efficient conversations.

Tags for Conversations

Keep conversations organized with our tags feature. Easily search, sort and filter by tags to find issues related to a particular issue. Tags are also tracked in our metrics dashboard, so business insights can be gained from reviewing tag history.

Helpful Suggestions

Our machine-learning agent input system can recommend responses to customers based on related replies from other agents.

Conversation Queues

Easily assign conversations to available agents or queues, self-assign tickets, or release tickets to the unassigned queue.

Active Ticket Status

Open or active tickets have a bright blue dot to let other agents know the ticket is being worked on. This prevents multiple agents from messaging the same customer at the same time.