Many consumers see January as a universal fresh start–a chance to reset their approach to financial management. According to LearnVest, 56% of Americans made financial resolutions for 2017. Among the top goals, most participants vowed to spend less, save more, and pay down debt. Alas, as the year goes on, that trifecta will start to feel more like the Bermuda Triangle than an attainable goal.

Instead of relying on traditional banks, more consumers and businesses are turning to FinTech startups for tech-savvy financial solutions. Why? FinTech startups provide innovative services, exoteric resources and excellent customer service. Millennials are particularly drawn to FinTech startups not only for their digital nature, but also because they make topics like investments and debt accessible.

These companies understand the importance of being customer-centric. They build websites, mobile apps and social media pages geared towards a customer base that larger, traditional financial institutions typically ignores. In customer service, reaching a banker, consultant, or teller is easy with options like text messaging. The latest information, tips and trends are all available for consumers via company blog posts.

Just as FinTech startups monitor trends related to finance, Teckst monitors trends related to customer experience (CX). We’ve selected five companies that are customer-first, mobile-forward, and helpful–three qualities that can help you stick to your 2017 New Year’s resolutions.


Resolution: Plan for the Future


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Betterment makes investing in your future easy—even if you’re a newbie in finance. From retirement and IRAs to trusts, the investment experts provide personalized advice and solutions. The site features tons of resources like blog content and tools, plus customer service is available 7 days a week.


Resolution: Save More


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Digit does the dirty work for you: it analyzes your checking account for income and spending before moving small amounts to a savings account—only when you can afford it. Simply send Digit a text when you need your cash, and the money will be transferred back to your checking account. Questions? Chat with a rep on Facebook Messenger.


Resolution: Pay Friends Back


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Venmo makes paying people easy, so you’re never that friend that owes everyone money after Sunday brunch. The interactive peer-to-peer payment app is a social network in its own right, complete with an interactive UX (emojis supported, of course). Support is conveniently available through a chat feature on the mobile app.


Resolution: Cut Credit Card Debt


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Debitize created a solution for consumers that love those credit card perks (airline miles, anyone?) but want to steer clear of debt. When you make a credit card purchase, the proactive service takes that same amount of money out of your checking and sets it aside to pay the bill later. Debitize can also make weekly or monthly payments to help eliminate existing debt. Their blog is full of helpful tips and tricks, too.


Resolution: Give Back


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Giving back is as easy as going out to dinner (unless your resolution is to dine out less). Feed hungry New Yorkers with Spare NYC, which rounds up your restaurant bill to the nearest dollar (always $0.99 or less) and donates it to Food Bank For New York City & City Harvest. It’s the app that keeps on giving: users are rewarded with freebies and discounts.