Customer Service Texting for On-Demand Services

60-Second Overview

Teckst seamlessly integrates with your current customer service software. Watch our video to see how easy texting with customers can be.

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Reduce Phone Calls by 50%

Teams in the on-demand services space found massive reductions and efficiencies by adding Teckst to their customer service channel mix.

Texts are delivered directly to your current software, so training is a breeze!

Up to 80% faster than phone calls.

Agents handle 6-12 text chats concurrently.


Native Integration

Our platform integrates to the software stack you’re already using. On Salesforce? We’re good. Zendesk? We got you. Built your own? We’re good to go.


Surprisingly, more than 50% of the texting population uses at least one emoji per day. Use our service to send as many as your heart desires.

Photos & Videos

Send and receive photos and videos to help make customer service faster and easier for you and your customers.

Keep Your 1-800 Number

Our team will text-enable your current phone numbers. That means the same number can receive calls and texts.

Multiple Numbers

If you’ve got multiple numbers, multiple countries, or multiple departments, that’s ok with Teckst. We’ll flow them all directly into the same place.

Better Notifications

If you’re already using notifications, we’ll reply-enable those so any issues can go right to your customer service team.


Let customers know you’ll be with them in 5 minutes, or that the office is closed. Our autoresponders help your customers always be in the know.

Landline Alerts

If an agent tries to text a landline, our helpful in-CRM alerts will notify them it’s not textable. #Thefutureisnow