In this exclusive General Assembly Livestream, two of the brightest minds of digital marketing convened on a panel; Teckst CEO, Matt Tumbleson & Boxed CMO, Jackson Jeyanayagam to offer real-world marketing lessons from one of the fastest growing retailers.

Matt interviews Jackson for his insights on how Boxed is redefining retail for a mobile-first and mobile-only world and gets his perspective on measurement, growing market share, the customer journey and more.

Jackson’s three biggest lessons for marketing success:

  1. Qualifying the audience is key – While there’s no one size fits all for measuring marketing success, you must qualify the audience. It starts with defining your objective and who you’re trying to reach and being able to balance qualifications with hard metrics.
  2. Focus on the customer journey – Focus your marketing strategy on where your customers are on the journey. The customer journey is constantly changing so start with understanding your audience, where they fit on the journey and reach them with relevant and great creative.
  3. You have to experiment but set clear goals – To innovate you must experiment. It’s ok to fail as long as you fail fast. This requires having clear goals and investing in research and consumer behaviors. For a startup, experiment on a smaller scale. This means testing out a smaller campaign and apply those learnings in future campaigns.

For more insights, watch the LiveStream below.