Can you text-enable our current 1-800 (toll-free) number?

We can text-enable all 1-800 (toll-free) numbers in North America with zero service interruption to your phone calls. We also work with long codes (like 917-971-XXXX) and short codes (like 411411). Globally, we have coverage in more than 100 countries and can reach more than 6 billion smartphones.

How many resources do I need to get Teckst setup?

Little to no resources are needed to get texting setup within your current software. Our platform integrates with a variety of software including agent assignment, customer service, survey, and more with no time or resources needed from your team.

Is texting just for millennials?

All age demographics text, however, there is a large percentage (97%) or people under 45 years old who text daily. For boomers, though, more than 94% of them text daily according to a Pew Research survey and has been backed up by Harvard Business Review. In countries outside of the US, the percentages are even higher.

What’s the difference between web chat and texting?

The little web chat window requires a constant connection and any interruption results in the customer starting over. Additionally, the customer must give up a large chunk of time staring at nothing but that little window. With texting, customers can text you and go about their day, which gives time back to both your customers and your agents.

Why don't you display pricing?

Pricing for our service depends on a variety of factors including how many countries you plan on texting, if you’re using services like Messenger and WeChat, and if you intend on switching your current notifications to our Notiply™ Notifications.

Do you charge per-agent fees?

Yes.  Teckst collaborates with your business to ensure your agents are well prepared to open up this innovative and efficient channel.

Will there be a flood of texts?

Teckst is a service for customer service, not a social platform. Adding Teckst will result in no net-new inbound messages, so therefore there’s no staffing concerns. In fact, you can staff less “accordion style” and more traditionally because your customers can text in during work hours, unlike phone calls that require a break.

How are you different from Twilio?

Twilio is an aggregator, which means they lease access to texting services, then resell that service to developers in an easy-to-understand API. Teckst is a suite of software and features specifically created for customer service.

How many conversations can each agent handle at one time?

Our concurrency features allow agents to handle an unlimited number of texts at one time. However, we recommend starting with six at a time. Based on the speed of closing text tickets, that means one single agent can handle up to 180 texts cases per hour.

How many characters can each text hold? Is there a limit?

We recommend not sending too many long-format texts because they’re difficult to read and reply to. However, you can type as much as you’d like up to 1,600 characters (around 500 words).

Can I send picture messages?

Yes! You can send images and videos, plus emojis, GIFS, and all the other fun things you text with your friends and family.

Do you have an API we can use for automatic messaging?

We do! Our API has full documentation and can be used to trigger updates to a ticket status, a reminder for an appointment, and more. All texts through our system are Notiply™ texts, so every notification can easily be replied to. 

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