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Send and receive texts from within your dashboard, using the same phone number your customers currently call. No extra windows and no developers needed.

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About our Integration

To create our integration with, we interviewed dozens of power users as well as the product teams at Desk and Salesforce to ensure our integration is perfect. That’s why there’s no extra windows or logins–everything happens right in your account. And since we’re seamless, we can get you set up without any developer resources needed on your end. Pretty cool, right?

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Reduce time-consuming emails and phone calls

Reduce overall spend on customer service cases

Improve on-site and in-app conversion of customers

Improve customer satisfaction scores

Be a cool company that understands customers

Call/text with a super-friendly Teckster:

“A customer service game changer.”


Download a PDF one-sheeter with all the great benefits of Teckst.
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More about

Originally known as Assistly, Desk joined the Salesforce’s family in 2011. They automatically integrate with Salesforce, and can scale with your business no matter how big it grows. Desk’s awesome customers include Yelp, Asana, Disqus, Square, iHeartRadio, Munchery, and One Kings Lane, plus thousands of other fast-moving, innovative companies.