The outdated name needs a makeover that reflects the customer, not the call center.


The first big day of #CCW17 is about to wrap up and I’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of attendees (and will likely meet hundreds more this evening and tomorrow). From bot-companies to phone providers, the range of technologies here is incredible. CCW definitely lives up to its title as largest customer service conference.

But there’s one problem: CCW stands for Call Center Week. The hundreds of people that I’ve met are less focused on Call Center Software, and more focused on customers. I’ve distilled the three criteria of attendees to help illustrate why I think the name should be changed.

  1. Every attendee is somehow a “bridge” between companies and customers. I met two women, Ioana and Liliana, from an airline in Central America. One of them is working with high value customers on loyalty, the other on customer service. Their customers reside all over the world–from Panama to New York. Notice when I said that  their goals are loyalty and service. They are looking for software solutions to link customers with their company – it’s not just call centers.
  2. Every attendee is customer-centric. The people here are trying to understand their customers. There is an added urgency to figure this out because the data proving the importance of customer happiness steadily increases.
  3. Every attendee is a “people person.” Friendliness is everywhere. People who choose customer service as a career tend to be friendly. Call centers are -99 NPS; customers hate being sent to a “Call Center” yet the people that answer the phones are incredibly pleasant. Companies are investing in their customers, not in “sending them to a call center.” These helpful and patient attendees don’t look at their roles as pushing off customers – they are building relationships with customers and they care about each and every one.

Due to these reasons, it is necessary that Call Center Week upgrade its name. I nominate ‘Customer Communication Week’. Call Centers exist and provide a great part of the customer journey, but, they too, are focused primarily on the customer. Customer Communication Week is fresh and the truer description of attendees, from brands to providers. Like the desire for companies to become relevant, it’s time for CCW to stand for something more.

If you agree with this, share, comment, tag yourself–whatever you feel gets your voice heard in support of the change. #CCW17