Caroline Kil

Community Support Lead at Memebox
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You are one of the fastest growing beauty brands right now. What do you attribute to Memebox’s growth and appeal?

For us, data is king. By being driven by data, our e-commerce platforms (online and mobile) make it easy, engaging, and fun for our customers to find the right products to match their unique skincare needs.

What’s your approach to creating and delivering the best customer experience?

At Memebox, we really do walk the talk with our customers. I always try to place myself in our customer’s shoes and think ‘what is my expectation and how can it be reasonably met or exceeded?’ That philosophy is embedded in our employee culture and how we keep our customers happy.

You’ve embraced texting as a customer service channel. How does this fit with your overall customer care channels?

We originally provided customer support via email only, then added Facebook messenger, and finally added text messaging a little over a year ago. We want to be sure to provide support via methods most preferred by our customers. Our customers are on many channels and texting is one of the fastest and easiest methods for customers to engage with us.

What kinds of customer texts with you? What kinds of questions do your customer ask via text?

We currently provide support via text, email, and Facebook messenger. The type of questions we get more via text compared to the other channels are pre-purchase related. The common questions include inquiries about our website, the products we carry, product recommendations and processing and shipping times.

What advice do you have for delighting your customers and delivering an amazing customer experience?

We’re always looking to improve and perfect the art of providing the best customer experience. For us, this means helping to resolve questions and matters in the most efficient, positive and personable manner.

Describe your favorite text message conversation you’ve had with a customer.

It’s hard to pick just one! Our favorite text conversations are ones where customers simply text us to let us know how happy they are with their shopping experience and our customer service. These kinds of messages really makes our day!

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