Case Studies

Customer service teams like yours are using Teckst to save time and money while improving CSAT.

Subscription Shaving Service

Monthly subscriptions are incredibly convenient, however they come with their own unique customer service issues. Teckst reduced inbound issues by reply-enabling shipping notifications to millions of subscribers.

Food Delivery Startup

Food delivery is a way of life in cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. A few minutes late and customers are hangry. Calling and emails simply won’t cut it. See how one food delivery startup reduced phone calls and made texting their primary channel to satiate their demanding customers.

Apparel Company

Today’s apparel and retail verticals are all about experience. A new company with beautiful products needed to stand out from the competition. They selected Teckst to make customer support mobile, like their customers.

Automotive Startup

Parking in cities is a nightmare. This startup helps you out by picking up your car for you and parking it in a nearby garage. Teckst brought this startup into the world of texting, with a full in-app integration and replacement of all phone calls.

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