If your brand has an Instagram presence, you might already be utilizing a ‘Contact’ button to encourage your customers to email and call without having to leave the app, or even to get directions to your physical location. Do you know how easy it is for you to set up your ‘Contact’ button to allow customers to send SMS texts via Instagram, as well? What if I said you could engage lucrative millennial customers on a channel they already know and love by giving them the power to text you for support directly from Instagram?

If your company’s customer care number is already text-enabled for two-way customer service, you can easily include ‘Text’ as a contact button from your Business Profile on Instagram.

Step One

Once logged in to your ‘Business Profile’, select ‘Edit Profile’ on your home page.


Step Two

On the ‘Edit Profile’ page, select ‘Business Contact Information’

Step Three

Under ‘Business Contact Information’, tap the phone number field

Step Four

Under ‘Phone Number’, make sure your two-way text-enabled phone number is included in the phone field, and select ‘Text’, select ‘Done’, select ‘Save’ on the next page, and you’re all set to text with your customers directly from your Instagram page!

If you’re not already using text as a customer service channel, there is no better time to meet your customers where they are, increase conversion rates and improve customer experience. Contact our Sales team at Sales@teckst.com, or text us at 855-980-6848 to hear how our native integrations into CRMs like Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk and more are being used across a variety of verticals including retail, fintech, on-demand, and more!