Free Your Mobile Customers

Don't confine your mobile customers to a chat window. Give them the freedom to use the #1 app on their phone with texting.


Faster Than Anything

Save time by letting text-automations answer customer FAQs. Short wait-time, short time to resolution.

Seamlessly Integrated

Teckst integrates into the world’s top customer service platforms, from Zendesk┬áto Oracle. That means less training, better reporting, and a bunch of happy customers.
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Teckst is the only enterprise platform that text enables your current toll-free number(s) and enables agents to receive and send images and videos.

“Great integration. Great SMS and FBM support solutions. Exceptional customer service.”

Sawyer PerryCX Optimization Senior Associate

“Integrating Teckst with Salesforce allows for an agent to quickly learn how to handle SMS cases since they're already familiar with the case paradigm.”

Chris ChengHead of Customer Success, Caviar

“Easy to use from day 1 of installation and they have the best service without being pushy!”

Caroline KilCommunity Support Lead

Mobile Customer Service Trends

Download our PDF guide to the ever-evolving global landscape of mobile messaging. From the rise of texting customer service to the intricacies of the Asian market, our guide includes everything you need to know today.
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