Enterprise-Grade Messaging Software & Service

Teckst was built from the ground up to help brands and customer service teams communicate with customers by SMS, Messenger, WeChat, and other messaging platforms. Plus intelligent suggestions, bots, automations, and more than 20 other features make Teckst the most innovative messaging platform ever built.

Customers Love Texting

Brands and customer service teams listen up. In recent surveys, customers preferred text messaging with brands over all other channels. Our own clients see, on average 5-10 pts in NPS increases once adding Teckst to their channel mix.

Full Multimedia Messaging

Emojis, images, and videos actually help speed up customer service while improving perception. A recent study showed that more than 85% of all women and 75% of all men use emojis regularly. Why do they use them? “People reacted to emoticons the same way they would react to a real human face,” says Psychologist Dr. Owen Churches.

Intelligent Responses

Automation, bots, and AI converge into a helpful system that can be programmed to help customers and agents get their issues solved as quickly as possible.

Integrated with Top CRMs

From FreshDesk to Zendesk, our integrations are fully integrated for an incredibly efficient agent experience. Plus reporting, CSAT and other tools set up within your CRM work instantly with Teckst.

“Great integration. Great SMS and FBM support solutions. Exceptional customer service.”

“Integrating Teckst with Salesforce allows for an agent to quickly learn how to handle SMS cases since they're already familiar with the case paradigm.”

“Easy to use from day 1 of installation and they have the best service without being pushy!”